For Kids

Preventive dentistry for children starts 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth and continues throughout life. Preventive dentistry practices are practices requiring the cooperation of physicians and parents to protect the oral and dental health of the child and the whole family.

Preventive Dentistry in Childhood:

  • Regular dentist check-up
  • Tracking of tooth development
  • Gaining the habit of proper and regular tooth brushing
  • Gaining the habit of using the correct floss
  • Carry out risk assessment of your child and taking necessary precautions
  • Fluoride application at times determined by your paediatrician


Fissure sealant applications

  • Gaining proper nutritional habits
  • Using mouth guards to prevent sports injuries
  • Detection and prevention of bad habits (finger-tongue sucking, nail biting, using a pacifier, etc.)
  • Protective and stopping orthodontic treatment applications


“All these applications require cooperation with parents.”