Since 1978 and Louise Brown, the first “tube test baby”, more than 5 millions IVF babies are born in the world. For couples that have been diagnosed with infertility, assisted medical procreation (AMP) has become a vital choice, raising the chances of becoming parents. For numerous couples who wish to try IVF (in vitro fertilization), medical tourism is a strong option, like the promise of a new honeymoon for a first baby.

In the field of human reproduction biomedicine, Turkey has built an international reputation of excellence, by the skill of its researchers, at the forefront of scientific progress, and by the quality of its medical teams and infrastructures.

With IVF treatments showing rates of success close to 70%, and prices 40 to 60% cheaper than in Europe, the alternative is obvious. Adding all the ingredients of a major tourism destination, since a IVF treatment takes at least 2 weeks, Istanbul and Turkey are clearly an ideal choice. 


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