Functional Medicine is a holistic approach to medicine that focuses on identifying the root causes of chronic diseases and correcting these underlying issues, rather than simply treating the symptoms. It takes a system-oriented rather than an organ-focused approach to disease diagnosis, aiming to improve the fundamental problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

The systems that Functional Medicine focuses on include the energy (mitochondrial) system, immune system, structural integrity and musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, biotransformation-detoxification systems, cellular communication (endocrine) system, digestive-elimination system, and mental/emotional/spiritual systems.

Each system comprises multiple organs, and the examinations conducted in Functional Medicine go much deeper, even down to the cellular level, than routine tests.

Within the framework of a holistic health perspective, Functional Medicine evaluates individuals not only as bodies but as a combination of body/mind/spirit, and it emphasizes that health can be achieved by addressing all three areas together. This approach asserts that if the root cause is eliminated, the body can heal itself. In addition to conventional treatments, the application of this approach includes lifestyle changes, nutrition and dietary supplements, management of environmental toxic load, and stress management.

Intestinal dysbiosis and food intolerances, which are often underlying causes of many diseases, take center stage in this system. The most distinctive feature of Functional Medicine is its effort to tailor treatments to individuals' specific characteristics, based on the comprehensive assessment of the individuals rather than relying on generalized treatment protocols.

To enable this personalized medical practice, every aspect of individuals' lives is meticulously examined, and efforts are made to gather all possible data through interactions with patients, beyond routine physical examinations. Detailed medical history is obtained to ensure active patient involvement in the treatment process, and a comprehensive awareness and strict follow-up program are implemented.

Patients are involved in the process after completing a questionnaire that provides detailed information about their lives before coming to the clinic. Functional Medicine Check-up packages, which include comprehensive assessments and initial consultations, have also been introduced as part of the services offered.