DHI Hair Transplant 


​Another hair transplantation technique​​​ which has recently become popular is DHI hair transplantation. Also known as unshaved hair transplantation, hair transplantation by DHI does not require shaving the hair, as the name suggests. DHI method aims to provide a thicker and more natural transplantation focusing on the areas where the hair is thin without damaging th​e existing hair. DHI method also aims to make the patient return to their daily life as soon as possible and hair gets a natural appearance. Prior to starting the procedure, the recipient and donor areas are first analyzed in computer environment using a high resolution camera. This analysis aims to determine hair type, loss density, the density in the recipient area and the amount of follicles that can be collected. As a result of this analysis, hair is cut a little and the recipient area is designed. Then, local anesthesia is administered to the donor area to numb the neck area in order for the patient not to feel pain. Next, hair follicles are harvested using micro blades and left in a solution which boosts the health of them while keeping them undamaged. Once the hair follicles are harvested from the donor area, the recipient is anesthetized locally. Following the anesthesia, grafts put on micro blades are transplanted from the front part towards the thin parts of the recipient area in accordance with the natural growing direction of and natural structure of hair. The aim of DHI method is to keep the existing hair while transplanting new hair and the procedure is completed with no damage to the existing hair. As there is no channel opening in this method, the scabbing period is quite short and, in parallel to this, the recovery is quicker.