Sinus Lifting

Sinuses are air spaces in the upper jaw above the posterior molars. Overtime, after extraction of teeth under the sinuses, which are a functional organ, bone underneath may resorb, making it difficult to insert the implant in this area. Therefore, sinus operations that need to be performed require high precision and experience of the physician.

Sinus lift operations are divided into open lift and closed lift. If there is 4-5 mm or more bone, but not sufficient for the implant then  the process of providing new bone formation by raising the sinus from the mouth with the help of appropriate hand tools without the need to open a side window is called closed lift. In cases where closed lift is applied, the implant procedure can be done in the same session.

Bone powder or PRF (Concentrated blood containing growth cells) can be used for bone formation. In open lift application, bone formation is achieved by opening a window from the sinus side wall. If sufficient retention is provided, the implant can be applied in the same session. In cases where this is not provided, 6 months should pass before the following session.