Immediate Implant | Instant Teeth


In classical implant applications, a long time is needed to let the bone close the gap left by the extraction.

On the other hand, modern implantology allows us to place implants just after the extraction and, to a large extent, to attach a fixed tooth immediately.

The reason for waiting before implant placement after extraction is the possibility of contamination by inflammatory tissues on the implant surface and insufficient bone formation. However, studies have shown us that if the correct techniques are applied, immediate implant application produces correct results. Numerous literature studies on this subject support this view. When implant insertion is done in extracted or previously extracted healed sites with a certain scientific osseointegration torque value, fixed teeth (Immediate Loading) can be loaded on these implants immediately. There are also many scientific studies on this subject. In short, with the right planning and adequate application, people whose teeth are extracted will not experience edentulousness not even for a day.