Fast & Fixed


With the Fast & Fixed method, if you do not have any teeth or your existing teeth will be extracted, implants are placed on the day your teeth are extracted and you can have (temporary) fixed teeth on the same day.

With this technique, it is possible to place implants on the same day the teeth are extracted or to insert implants in toothless patients and by creating a fixed (temporary) prosthesis on the same day. In cases with bone deficiency in the posterior regions, fixed prostheses can be made without the need for advanced surgeries (such as sinus lift surgery, bone graft addition) using angled implants with the Fast & Fixed technique.

With the Fast & Fixed treatment, it is possible to leave the clinic within a few hours with fixed prostheses supported by implants.

What are the advantages of Fast & Fixed method?

In many cases, implants and prostheses can be made practically without the need for advanced surgery.

This saves time and costs can be reduced. (Advanced surgical procedures create extra costs.)

Temporary fixed prosthesis that can be used by the patient can be made on the same day. In this way, people can participate to social activities.

As permanent prostheses provide tissue support, aesthetically successful results are obtained.

If the implant is applied by laser, the swelling and pain will be minimum after the procedure.