All On Four / Six


One of the main reasons why many people experiencing tooth loss (either because they have no teeth left or because of teeth extractions) cannot find a solution to this situation is the lack of time. All on four / six techniques offer an excellent solution to this problem.


In jaws that have been neglected for a long time for various reasons, bone loss caused by gingivitis, anatomical bone deficiencies (sagging sinuses in the upper jaw, superficial nerve bundles in the lower jaw, etc.), it is difficult to produce solutions using classical methods.

Anatomical structures in the lower and upper jaws are different in people who do not have any teeth, so the technique applied and the number of implants to be applied may also vary.

In the upper jaw;

– The surface area covered by the teeth is larger than the lower jaw.

– The jawbone is of lower density than the lower jaw, so the integration of implants with the bone becomes weaker and takes longer.

– Especially the upper jaw anterior region is aesthetically important.

– If the sinus is sagging in the posterior region, the support bone will be less, in this case either angled implants must be applied or short implants are used.

When all these factors are gathered together, the result of the static calculation performed by the physician is mostly over 6 implants (All on Six) in the upper jaw.