Nipple Esthetics

Nipple aesthetics is a cosmetic surgery that deals with the problems in the nipple, nipple and surrounding brown area (areola) of women.

Various deformations in the nipples, such as buried nipples, sunken nipples, large and wide nipples, and the creation of non-existent nipples (Nipple reconstruction) are the problems that nipple plastic surgery provides solutions for.

Nipple plastic surgery can also be performed together with breast augmentation, reduction, and lift procedures, which are included in breast aesthetic applications.

The factors that cause the enlargement of the areola around the nipple also cause the breast tissue to lose its unique form and deform the shape of the breast. The colored area on the nipple is more prominent in brunette women and may be in different color tones depending on hormonal changes.

What are the processes after breast (chest) tip surgery?

After the nipple aesthetic surgery, the surgical intervention is protected by dressing. After the surgery, the use of the surgical bra or sports bra recommended by the physician should be continued for a few more weeks. Due to aesthetic sewing methods, it will not be necessary to endure the necessity of taking stitches.