Thigh Lift

Health Gate offers several treatments that can tighten and contour areas of your body that could benefit from reshaping and added definition. Our thigh lift treatment in Turkey is for women and men who want to enhance the appearance of their inner and outer thigh area by removing excess skin and tissue. If you have sagging loose skin on your thighs and buttock region as a result of weight loss, illness or ageing, then a thigh lift procedure in Turkey will help you restore young-looking, shapely thighs. Because sometimes exercise is not enough to smooth and tighten skin in this area of the body. Thigh lift treatment can make all the difference in achieving a more fit and slim physique. Contact Health Gate and book a consultation to talk about having a tightening and contouring treatment in Turkey.


A thigh lift treatment will enhance the appearance of the inner and outer thigh. It’s like a face lift for your legs! Here is a general overview of how the procedure works. An incision is made near the top of the thigh (along the fold where the torso connects with the top part of the leg) and ends along the inner thigh. Skin tissue is removed from the top of the inner thigh area, then remaining skin is pulled up, tightened, and secured with sutures. This surgical technique reshapes the thigh, giving them a tighter, more contoured appearance.

At Health Gate you have the opportunity to combine lower body contouring procedures with a thigh lift. For instance, a thigh lift and buttock augmentation in Turkey is one of our most popular surgery combos. By combining treatments together, you can achieve more of your aesthetic and beauty goals in one go! Message us to arrange a consultation about the best treatment package to tone and tighten your whole lower body!