Hand Rejuvenation Surgery

Our hands are the most used and neglected organs. Humans are exposed to all kinds of physical, chemical and biological effects throughout their life.

Traumas, heat, cold, chemical agents and sun rays cause wear and aging on our hands over the years.

There are two basic components of aging in the hands.

Melting and loss of volume in subcutaneous fat tissue. At the same time, the loss of connective tissue (supporting tissue) and tendon and bone structure become more prominent and wrinkled. It becomes harder thanks to the scar tissue instead of the normal tissue.
Decreased skin quality; drying, wrinkling and staining.

What can be done to delay aging on hands?
Sun protection creams and moisturizers are your two best helpers to slow down the aging of the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of the sun and the environment. By protecting it from the sun, we try to prevent the effects of aging, drying and staining on the skin. It is especially useful to keep hands away from irritant detergents and chemicals.

Who is hand aesthetics applied to?
All men and women with signs of aging on your hands are candidates for hand rejuvenation.

If there is a loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue on the hands and a pronounced vein appearance. If the hand bones begin to appear more prominent,
If the hand skin has started to lose its form, there is a decrease in skin quality, hardening and wrinkles are present.
If there are freckles, brown spots and redness on the skin of the hand, you are a suitable candidate for hand rejuvenation procedures.