Endoscopic Abdominoplasty

What is an endoscopic tummy tuck?

Endoscopic tummy tuck is the name given to the operations in which plastic surgeons strengthen the abdominal muscles and correct the cambering in the abdominal wall with the help of an endoscopy device. In these surgeries, plastic surgeons enter under the abdominal skin with the help of an endoscope device, insert a camera and repair the abdominal wall muscles by watching it on the screen. Endoscopic tummy tuck does not remove skin. For these surgeries; Patients who are young, who are not overweight, who do sports regularly and who have usually given a single birth are suitable candidates. As a result of these surgeries, the scars are minimal, and the recovery after the surgery is also very fast.

Who is endoscopic tummy tuck surgery suitable for?

Patients who have some lubrication in the abdomen and waist region, do not have excess skin, but have loosened abdominal wall due to birth are suitable candidates for this. Plastic surgery specialists apply this procedure to people who are young, have only one birth, are not overweight and do regular sports.