• Didem Aydın - Co-Founder

    Our Co-Founder and partner Didem, after having successful career for 30 years, has establised DA Consultancy company, combining her trust in Türkiye’s healthcare infrastracture and potential with  the opportunities she has seen in the industury.

  • Nazlı Ertuğrul Demir - Co-Founder

    Our Co-Founder and partner Nazlı, with her 10 years of successful career for in service sector in different sales & marketing positions, she decided to run her own business. Her strong trust in Türkiye’s tourism future made her combined their forces with Didem and create the Health Gate Tourism brand.

  • Eray Doğan - Partner

    Eray Doğan is our UK regional responsible,
    He has  corporate professional experience more than 20 years in various sectors including production, marketing, business developing positions. His excellent communication and interpersonal skills have allowed him to build trustworty relationships with his business environment and colleagues.

  • Özlem Behcet - Partner

    Özlem Behcet is our UK regional responsible,
    She is a skilled professional with diverse experience in the hospitality and retail sectors, she has demonstrated expertise in providing exceptional customer service. Her excellent communication and interpersonal skills have allowed her to build strong relationships her clients and colleagues alike. Her passion for customer service and willingness to learn make me an excellent addition to any organization.

  • Dana Hasan - Partner

    Dana Hasan is our partner in Jordan and regional responsible. She has diverse 13 years of experience working in human resources management in different sectors. She is working as career coaching for the past 3 years too. A content creator with experience in both career coaching and travel. She has a strong desire to travel and have visited 15 countries so far. And she visited Türkiye 10 times, different cities each time. Her mission is to inspire people to travel the world, volunteer, get them access into worldwide medical treatment learn more, and enjoy extraordinary travel and adventure experiences. She has inspired over 48,000 individuals on social media by giving various hints and ideas on professional life, and now she is delighted to empower even more people by sharing more options for travel including volunteer work and medical tourism.